Marble.co is a design office with a focus on Kyoto.
We make all kinds of CI/VI, branding, all kinds of graphic design and printed materials, video and web design.
We also run a cafe situated under our design office. Using this experience in food industry we are now helping set up all kinds of shops in and outside of Japan.

Design for Playing

Marble.co has humble roots as an online t-shirt shop that the founder Nagai set up in graduate school.
To delight and entertain people through graphic design, which in turn brings us enjoyment as the makers is at the core of what we do.
We take on projects because they are things we want to do, not forced to make things. Our feedback from clients is that we respond to their expectations 120%.
"If we do this will it become better, more fun?" this is the question we constantly ask ourselves when we design.
The cafe on the first floor of our office came about because we thought it would be nice to have a place where we could relax.
Now we have eight shops and with more planned.
Based in Kyoto city, while concentrating on designing lots, we enjoy ourselves and grow.
This is the kind of company we are and we are looking for new, like-minded members to join our team.

How we work

Who we are

Established in September 2008, in operation since April 1999.
President and CEO / Hidefumi Nagai
Capital / 3,000,000yen

Marble.co / Design department 15 people.
Cafe marble / Cafe demartment 19 people.
*As of April 2019

Our projects
Please check our portfolio.


Marble Meetup!

We hold open days where you can tour our office from time to time.
If you think you'd like to work for us and would like to check out of office beforehand, we welcome you to come along to one of these open days. Dates announced on Instagram and Marble Journal

2019年度 新卒採用

Every year we have an open application for new graduates.
Please check the requirements for each position before applying. (Closing date for applications: 14th of June 2019)

Job category

Applications for 2020 have now closed.

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