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Job description

Web Designer/Mark-up engineer/Front engineer (few openings)
(1) Web Designer

We design responsive websites that work on any device, from event-specific sites to business homepages and online stores. We also have projects that call for CMS-based sites with the likes of Wordpress and Movable Type. Building and maintaining our own-brand websites and online stores.

We're looking for the following qualities in candidates
  • To go beyond surface design and work with the client to solve their problems.
  • Someone knowledgeable in mark-up to work with engineers and tackle projects as a team.
  • Someone who watches analytics and keeps on top of trends in web design, who thinks of how the clients site can grow and adapt.
  • Preference given to candidates with coding experience.
  • Linking websites up with other media such as printed material and videos.
(2) Web Engineer(Frontend engineer)

Web engineer develops construction, constitution and operation for website. We are responsible for wide range of website such as branding website which particular about the production, corporate website which uses CMS (Wordpress and MovableType) more than 100 pages.
The job involves not only building the website also need to be involved from the planning stage.

We're looking for the following qualities in candidates
  • Those who can persue the usability and comfortability of the client's website.
  • Those who follow the new trend and expression method to respond the client's requests.
Open to:
Students expecting to graduate March 2021 (Graduate school, university, further education and technical institutes)
Neccessary skills etc.
  • Enjoy making things
  • Like the internet
  • Enjoy coding and programming
  • Designing for users
  • An interest in acquiring new knowledge, skills and ways of expressing ideas
  • Proactive in communicating with team members and clients
  • Able to create schedules and deliver on time
  • Great attention to detail
  • Experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Experience with multiple people using Git.
  • ・Knowledge of web libraries and frameworks, such as React.js, Vue.js, Nuxt.js etc..
  • Knowledge of AfterEffects, other video editing software, knowledge of printed mediums is also favorable
  • Comfortable with social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • English and other language skills highly welcome

*Business level Japanese skills are essential, minimum requirement of JPLT N2 or equivalent

Working conditions
Web designer (permanent employee)
Location: Chiekoin Office, Kyoto city
Working hours: 10:00~19:00 (8 hours with 1 hour break)
Salary: ¥193,000~ (including some overtime)
* Trial period: usually three months
Salary raise: twice annualy (from second year)
Bonus: twice annualy (from second year)
Retirement pay: Yes (after five years of service)
Holidays: weekends, national holidays, summer holiday, winter holiday, familiy occasions, paid leave, child-rearing, home-care, maternity leave
Annual holidays: About 120 days
Employee benefits: Social insurance equipping(welfare pension, health insurance, unemployment insurance, workers compensation insurance)
Commuting cost are covered up to the certain amount.
Company retreat.
Lunch and snack allowance.
Book allowance.
Short-time work.
  1. 1. Document screening
    Send your C.V. and portfolio to the address listed below.
    We welcome all portfolio formats.
    We cannot return items posted to us.
    We will contact candidates who pass this screening to arrange an interview.
    We also welcome applicants with portfolio sites
    * Must arrive at our offices by Monday, 15th June 2020.
  2. 2. Interview (2-3 rounds) and test assignment
  3. 3. Employment

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Recruitment officer,,
4F Marble BLDG. 1-519 Chiekoin nishi-iru Sasaya-cho, Sasayacho-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-8453

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